Andela lays off 135 employees, announces salary cuts for all directors

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Andela has laid off 135 employees and all directors and senior developers will be taking pay-cuts, the company has confirmed. Staff that were laid off were from; Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, US while there were no layoffs in Rwanda or Ghana.

In an email response from Andela to this website, the company confirmed that the company CEO made the announcement this morning that they’ll be laying off 135 Andela employees which is 10% of the company. The email further confirmed that no engineers are impacted by the layoff, but every other department is.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about the work we are doing to prepare Andela to withstand a recessionary environment. As you know, even though we’ve known for some time that layoffs were a possibility, we have been working to try to minimize them. Unfortunately, as we shared today in the all hands meeting, it’s become clear that we have to make some really hard decisions to protect the future of Andela. 

– Andela’s CEO, Jeremy Johnson

Andela confirmed that among the processes they had to partake before making the final decision included; pausing future hiring, rescinding offers, and meaningfully reducing consulting and software spend.  The company has also announced that they’ll be cutting salaries across the board and all directors and above who are remaining with the company have agreed to take a salary cut ranging from 10% to 30% depending on seniority. 

Today’s round of layoffs was probably harder to foresee despite the apparent rise of remote workers worldwide. To survive the impact of a coronavirus-induced recession, companies have taken various measures from layoffs to salary cuts.

While every team is impacted, the headcount reduction is not uniform across the company. Certain teams like Technology were impacted less because they represent strategic investments Andela is making for the future, the company CEO announced.

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