You can now use Apple music on your web browser

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Apple has officially moved its Apple Music for web from beta to live.

The web-based interface for Apple Music, a streaming service exited in beta as announced, last year in September and has now officially launched. You can check it out at music.apple.com and is accessible through any modern web browser.

With the web application, you can also access your personalized playlists after a sign in with the Apple ID associated with your Apple Music subscription. The application is also missing some features such as personal library features. You will also notice the ‘open in Music” and “open in iTunes” icons that suggest the site isn’t fully functional as yet.

The free version of Apple Music lets you listen to Beats 1 Radio and songs in your own music library. For $9.99 a month after a free three-month trial, you can stream any song in Apple’s music catalog, listen to music offline and tune into additional radio stations.

Apple also offers a less acknowledged web version of its TV app, aimed specifically at serving up Apple TV+ content. The desktop version of the TV also offers features to aggregate content from partner networks and services that Apple calls channels, but that’s not yet on the website. With that app as with the Music one, you get the sense that it’s a secondary experience to the desktop or mobile apps.

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