Ethiopian government confirms plans to build a National ID blockchain system

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Ehtiopia has confirmed that it has approved Input Output (IOHK), the company behind the Cardano cryptocurrency, to build a national ID blockchain system for the country.

Charles Hoskinson the founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum, which are both blockchain platforms revealed to Yahoo Finance that the scheme while updating the crypto community on progress made by the Cardano team in Ethiopia, where he is exploring the potential of blockchain in developing contexts.

Additionally, In a tweet, Ethiopia’s Minister of Education, Dr. Getahun Mekuria, confirmed the partnership which aims to build a blockchain-based universal student credentialing system in the East African nation.

The project, which he called “the single biggest entity deployment of blockchain ever,” is scheduled to go live in Q3 2021, with a first deployment of Cardano blockchain-based IDs for 5 million students across 3,500 schools. Some 750,000 teachers will also get access to the system, using the IDs to create records and track students’ academic performance.

Cardano has been assisting Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education with the goal of building a blockchain-based universal student credentialing system. The project is due to go live in Q3 2021.

“It’s our intention to compete amongst others for the whole national ID system, which is about 110 million people. Unlike China or Saudi Arabia which “have an onerous record of very significant institutional violations,” Hoskinson said Ethiopia is still worth considering despite the country’s human rights concerns relating to the Tigray conflict.

“You have to balance every deal — you look at first the country level and then you work your way to the facts and circumstances,” he told the news outlet.

Since 2017, his platform has been exploring the potential of blockchain in Africa, where IOKH has been involved in initiatives around financial inclusion and economic identity and empowerment.

Source:Yahoo Finance

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