Jumia Launches new Technology Center in Egypt

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Jumia Group has announced that the Egyptian market has been chosen officially to host a technology center to be the new Jumia technology center in Africa to provide its services to the Egyptian market as well as Africa at large.

The center was pre-launched last year for a test and postponed due to the COVID pandemic. Jumia is keen on adapting the use of technology and benefiting from the well-trained human competencies to provide unprecedented services in the market and the other surrounding markets which is why Jumia Egypt was the preferred center for providing such services, as recently Egypt became a destination for financial technology.

The tech center aims to adapt technology to be available for all users as a contribution to achieve Egypt’s Vision 2030. The new technology center is considered as a reflection of Egypt’s efforts to provide digital competencies in order to benefit locally and globally to create additional income for the country’s public treasury. In addition to enhancing Egypt’s position in the information technology field to be among the largest exporting countries of digital services, and providing job opportunities for youth by qualifying them to practice freelance digital jobs.

“Egyptian efforts are the main reason for this announcement.” He pointed out that “From the first day of laying the foundation of the technology center, Jumia has established Egypt as a center for launching and entrepreneurship in the electronic payment and digital technology fields in Africa.

Eng. Hesham Safwat, CEO of Jumia Egypt

Therefore, expertise will be shared among the rest of the surrounding countries, in addition to electronic payment methods that customers can use easily, conveniently, and safely, as Jumia works side by side with the vision and direction of the Egyptian state that maximizes the importance of digital transformation and financial inclusion.”

Moreover, Cairo Technology Center employees are working on developing JumiaPay services and many other digital services, which helped provide job opportunities for Egyptian youth. The technology center reflects the importance of Egypt as a startup market in the field of e-commerce. In addition, Jumia provides dozens of training and employment opportunities for Egyptian youth , developers and engineers by enhancing their skills in the field of development and electronic payments.

The center provides technical support through the new electronic payment services via JumiaPay and other digital services.

 The center is working on establishing new payment methods and providing the best technological solutions to support digital transformation platforms. In addition to encouraging innovation, creativity and developing Egyptian skills to enhance its competitiveness at the global level and improving the quality of services.

 He also added that the economic reform processes by the Egyptian administration helped in adopting the system of digital transformation and financial inclusion, as Egypt comes in the lead because it has become the least expensive, and despite that there is a scarcity of cadres due to the migration.

Source: Jumia

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