Loukman Ali’s the Girl in a Yellow Jumper becomes the first Ugandan movie on Netflix

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Netflix has listed “The Girl in a Yellow Jumper” on its coming soon releases list as the streaming giant continues to bring more motion pictures from various African countries to screens around the world!

The movie is a Ugandan thriller film produced and directed by Loukman Ali. Loukman Ali is a renowned Ugandan cinematographer, screenwriter, film director, producer and Graphic Designer. His directorial debut was Monday, followed up by The Bad Mexican, released in 2017. The film was nominated in various festivals including the Amakula International film festival. His other major films now include The Girl in a Yellow Jumper, The Blind Date and Sixteen Rounds. He is known to frequently work with actor Michael Wawuyo Jr. and filmmaker Usama Mukwaya.

The Girl in the Yellow Jumper was initially planned to premiere in local theatres in 2020 but was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as the country was put on lockdown. However, the film would later be premiered online for paid streaming but the production company’s online accounts were reportedly hacked and the film was leaked on their very YouTube channel for free streaming just days before its premiere date.

Now, in a surprise update, the film director has come out on Twitter to express his excitement as Netflix has officially picked his film to appear on their platform come next week.

At the moment, no official communication from Netflix has been released regarding how long the movie will spend on the platform, but for now, we can happily celebrate the groundbreaking filmmaker’s achievement.

Best known for his unique gritty touch of VFX, missed with captivating humour, great dialogue and breathtaking camera work in his movies, it’s good to finally see Loukman is getting the roses he deserves. Hopefully, we can see more of his movies financed and supported by Netflix in the coming years.

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