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Paystack rolls out Apple Pay on its platform in Nigeria

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Paystack, the African fintech company that powers and processes payments for businesses has announced that Apple Pay is now live on its platform. In Nigeria, Paystack is the first payment gateway to support Apple Pay, the company confirmed in a statement.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple. It enables frictionless payments that allow customers to authorise payments with Touch ID or Face ID, instead of manually filling long payment forms.

Businesses have long been able to accept international card payments with Paystack, but this integration allows Nigerian businesses to access millions of Apple Pay users in the 60+ countries where Apple Pay is supported, including the USA, UK, and Canada.

We’re excited to announce Pay with Apple Pay — a new payment channel that lets you accept international payments quickly and securely from millions of Apple Pay users.

Company Statement

According to PayStack, customers will be able to see improved success rates for international transactions, checkout in seconds and they’ll automatically improve your business’ reach, and collect payments via a fast, easy, and secure method that’s native to millions of Apple users across the world. Additionally, they promise that this will be at no extra cost to you or your customers.

Early this year, Apple Pay was rolled out in South Africa with several Absa, Discovery Bank, and Nedbank customers confirming that they’ve been able to use the service and add money without any hiccups.

While the launch in South Africa showed Apple’s keen interest in increasing its penetration in sub-Saharan Africa, the tech giant didn’t say if it would expand to other countries like Nigeria and Kenya. Like South Africa, these countries have also seen the adoption of digital payments significantly increase these past few years.

However, instead of waiting for Apple’s next move, Paystack has taken the initiative to integrate the payment service on its platform. The company is now the first payment gateway in Nigeria to support Apple Pay. Doing so gives Nigerian businesses access to millions of Apple Pay users in the more than 60 countries where the payments service is active.

How does Pay with Apple Pay work?

From your customers’ point of view:

  • If they have Apple Pay enabled on their Apple device, they’ll automatically see the option to checkout using Apple Pay, and can complete the transaction using Touch ID, or Face ID.

From your perspective as a Paystack merchant:

  • Pay with Apple Pay is currently only available to Nigeria-based Paystack merchants.
  • Since only your international customers can pay with Apple Pay, confirm that you’ve enabled international transactions for your business here →.
  • On the same page, kindly ensure that the Apple Pay box is checked to enable the payment channel.
  • If you only accept payments via Paystack Commerce tools (such as Paystack Storefronts, and Invoices) you don’t need to do anything else — you’re all set.
  • If you accept payments via a custom Paystack integration on your website or your mobile app, you’ll need to register your domain, as per Apple’s rules. It’s straightforward, and here’s a guide to show you how →
  • Once these steps are carried out, you’ll be able to accept international payments via Apple Pay.

Source: Paystack, TechCrunch

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