Spesho taxi app is launching a boda-boda service in Uganda

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Ride-hailing app Spesho taxi has today teased the launch of their boda-boda service expected to be seen perhaps around Kampala city and its suburbs.

Spesho Taxi App which has been operational since March 2017 is a Ugandan startup that lets users order taxi cabs to drive them to different destinations around Kampala, or even hire virtual drivers to Chauffeur them in their own cars.

Just like other ride-hailing services in Uganda, the cars are owned by individual drivers who then signup to the service through a driver-dedicated-app and are paired with existing customers.

In a tweet posted on the company’s official account, the startup has announced that Speho-Bodas are coming soon to a stage near you.

The new move comes weeks after the Ugandan government having reportedly had discussions on considering all boda-bodas being operated only under ride-hailing companies such as Safe Boda, Uber, Bolt, among others. 

Currently, some reports also suggest that ride-hailing companies are still having it tough in Africa, and with the lockdown still affecting many, do you think this was a good move by the startup?

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