Uganda to export locally-made mobile phones to Morrocco

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Today, the Executive Director of NITA-Uganda and the State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatization flagged off a batch of 18,000 mobile phones to be exported to Morroco.

In November last year, Uganda’s President, Yoweri K Museveni launched Uganda’s first ICT Manufacturing & Assembling factory after the government signed an agreement with SIMI technologies to promote the manufacturing of ICT electronics in Uganda.

At its launch, the factory planned to run three production lines; each line with daily production of 2000 feature phones, 1500 smartphones, 800 laptops, 2000 chargers, 4000 USB cables and 4000 sets of earphones and directly employing more than 400 staff.

Today, SIMI technologies factory reportedly provides employment to over 400 young people and also assembles close to 2,500 phones per day which is per se enough to supply Uganda and also create a surplus for export to other African countries like Morrocco.

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