Uganda’s Zimba Women launches eCommerce platform to support women in business

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Ugandan startup, Zimba women has expanded her tech frontiers with a launch of an eCommerce platform, Zimba mart to create an online presence for female-oriented businesses within or outside of Uganda.

Zimba women are working to enable the empowerment and development of women entrepreneurs in Africa by providing e-solutions and technology to provide affordable market accessibility and capacity building. In the same vein, Zimba Mart wants to increase access to markets for women’s products and services.

ZimbaWomen CEO Sherifah Tumusiime told Afritechpost that the move to start the women-tailored e-commerce platform was aimed at helping women-owned/led SMEs to cope and recover after the COVID-19 crisis. 

“We considered the impact of the crisis on the SMEs business from all angles (cash, supply chain, people, etc) and built a tailored action plan which included social tools to keep our community of women engaged, a tech toolkit to get those that weren’t already using technology up to speed and finally the Zimba Mart for them to continue business online.”

– ZimbaWomen CEO, Sherifah Tumusiime

The platform that arrived amid the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many of us into social distancing and lockdown seeks to increase the access to markets for the products and services of women in business.

For women in business to join the platform, they have to sign up through a google form and describe their business, personality and brand. After verification and authorisation by the team, they can see their profile added to the website’s vendor list.

Sherifah Tumusime further emphasized that; With ZimbaMart, women-owned/led SMEs can now benefit from a women-owned, women-tailored e-commerce platform to both adjust to the market dynamics created by COVID-19 lock-down actions and begin to take advantage of the latent market opportunities offered by e-commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa; in addition they are provided with bespoke follow-on support to enable them to protect their enterprises and take full advantage of e-commerce opportunities.

The products sold on Zimba mart include; confectionaries, dairy products, home essentials, organic products, staple foods and vegetables among other items.

According to the CEO, plans are underway with several partners including the Government of Uganda to roll out the Mart country-wide and also make it an Africa-wide platform for female vendors across the continent. 

Currently, the eCommerce store boasts of offering free deliveries as indicated on their website, however, this is usually for nearby places in Kampala. You can give their service a try over at Zimbamart.

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